Find out more about Farming

Farming is crucial to the future of our country and to our food security. The following websites are our picks for finding out more about farming and milk.

Why Farming Matters

Dairy Co. School Milk

Wight Conservation

Red Tractor Farm Assurance Scheme

Show me a Farm
Captivating stories and children's documentaries that show and explain how farmers produce the food we eat!

Visiting the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a great place to visit and there is lots to do while you are here.

Getting here by ferry:

Wight Link Ferries

Red Funnel Ferries

Book a hotel:

Isle of Wight Holidays
Be inspired even before you cross the Solent.

Things to do

Good Leaf Tree Climbing

Friends of Briddlesford

Sharon Orchard
Produce a wide range of products including extremely popular Ciders and Juices which are made from a wide selection of Apples grown on their Orchard.

Lisa Traxler
Lisa is a wonderful artist who designed our mural in Bluebells at Briddlesford.

Lincoln Miles
Lincoln is the talented architect behind the design of Bluebells at Briddlesford.

J C Grimshaw
J.C. Grimshaw is a song writer/multi-instrumentalist, who plays guitars, mandolins, harmonica, ukulele and Hawaiian lap guitar with a deep rooted passion.

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